As I look back on my life, I realise that everytime I thought I was being REJECTED from something good. I was actually being re-directed to something better.



Example 1 and 3 are stories of One door CLOSES and another door OPENS!

Example 1

Today we received a message from a good friend of ours from Greece. He told us that his company suddenly collapsed, everyone lost his/her job. He was feeling depressed and demotivated for days. We cheered him up and said to him ‘When one door closes and another one opens.’

After a few days later, he told us one of the most promising country has contacted him if he would be interested working for them.

Always looking ahead but not focusing backwards –>

Example 2

A young man, Steve was deeply in love with this beautiful woman, Janet. He was well-liked by Janet’s mum, friends and staff at work. He took good care of her family as it was his own. Janet’s mum adored him to bits.

Janet was very focus on her career. She would do anything to seek fame and money. Her father was a gambler. Her mum has a critical illness. Due to the demand schedule at work place, she often missed out taking mum for hospital appointments.

Steve understood her character inside out. He advised her not to seek fame and money for success. You can still achieve your goals via hardwork and sincerity. There is no rush in aiming high. Take your time. Enjoy the process in life. You must put your family as no.1 priority. You only have one mother. You must look after her well. Treasure the time with your mum while she is still alive.

Janet ignored his advice. She met a new man, Danny. He is handsome and wealthy. He bought her a car and a new house, lots of beautiful brand clothes and shoes. He often took her for dinner in expensive restaurant. She enjoyed the comfort he bought into her life. She started to get fed up with Steve. As he cannot give her what Danny provided for her.

One day she said to him ‘I want to break up with you.’ He was stunned and asked ‘ Why? What did I wrong?’ She replied ‘You did nothing wrong. You cannot provide me what I was looking for…..Steve held her arm and begged Janet not to leave him. He said ‘he will provide anything to make her happy.’

He sobbed. He hide in his bedroom for days. He didn’t go to work as well. One of his friend, Cindy came to visit him everyday. She knocked on his door and called out his name several times. Sigh! No respond.

She left food and drinks outside the door, sticked encouragement notes in front of his door in the hope that he will regain his confident to face the world. He opened the door and read the notes. He stuffed food into his mouth. Tears dripping down his face. Cindy went to find Janet. She asked Janet ‘Please visit him. He has no food and drinks for days. He really need your support. It didn’t matter how many times she begged
her to visit him. She ignored Cindy completely.

Cindy was shattered. She went to visit Steve. She knocked on his door. Again there was no respond. The minute she opened the door, she was shocked to see the state of his room. His room was like a trash hole. Steve hide under his mattress. Cindy couldn’t bear it any longer. She dragged him out of his bed and put him
on a sofa chair. She said to them sternly ‘ Wake up Steve! Look at me. Why are you doing so much damage to yourself because of a girl? How do you think your parents, your friends would feel if they see you like this? Your colleagues are waiting for you to go back to work, your parents are waiting for your next visit, your friends are waiting to hang out with you. There are so many people who love and care so much about you as a person. Here you are in such a miserable state. How could you give up life so easily? I want you to get up, show up and never give up! Did you hear me? I have said enough what I needed to say… is up to you if you choose to hide in the cave or face the world?’ After saying all these, she stormed out of the room.

Cindy’s words started sinking into Steve’s head. In a few hours,he gradually got out of his bed. He was tearful in the shower. He forced himself to eat food and drink water. He cleared out the mess in his bedroom. The next morning he got dressed and dragged himself to go to work. On his way to work, he saw Cindy and his other friends. They were surprised but happy to see him. Cindy patted his shoulder and said ‘Keep fighting. We are all here for you.’ He smiled and said ‘Thank you, Cindy!’

When he arrived work, his boss wanted to see him. His boss said ‘Steve! It is good to see you back. I am sorry to hear the sad news. I have an exciting news to share with you. We have a job promotion opportunity in USA. We would like to offer this job to you. We knew that your dream is to be the director of the company. I also think it is a good opportunity to take sometime off…..Go somewhere different. Start a new life fresh in a new country. It will help you to forget the sad memories. Should you wish to decide to come back and work here, the door is always open for you. What do you think?’ Steve didn’t know what to say…..She then said ‘Think about it. When you are ready to make a decision, you come and see us. Okay.’

Life went on…..Steve was doing really well in his new job.His friendship with Cindy grew closer. She made him laugh so much and brought so much joy in his life. She is a simple person who enjoys simple thing in life.
She was very successful in her career. She achieved her goals through hard work and sincerity. Steve found himself falling in love with her unintentionally. He did not realise until now that there was this beautiful girl who always stood by his side through rain and storm. She is more suited to him than Janet. In the end, they were happily married.

The wrong path led us to the right path;)

Hey guys,
It was creepy to walk through the hallway in the dark to get through the new open door. They have made it. You can do it as well.

Written by:

Lilian Yong


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