The hardest walk is walking alone, but it’s also the walk that makes you the strongest.


Scooby-Doo lost everything in one day, that is, her family, friends and house. She broke down in tears. She has no idea what is she going to do next? She did not eat any food or drink water for days. As the time went by, she was feeling weaker and weaker.

A turtle saw Scooby-Doo in such a terrible state. He asked Scooby in a gentle voice ‘ Hey, sweetheart! Are you okay? How can I make you feel better? Scooby told turtle that she lost everything. Now she has nothing.’ Turtle replied ‘You have ME. I will be your new friend. Here you go, food and drink for you. You must eat then you have energy to keep going.’ She smiled a bit. She finished all the food and drink within seconds.

Turtle said ‘Now follow me please. I have something to show you.’ Scooby-Doo eyes opened wider. She commented ‘Waowhh! This is such a beautiful place.’ ‘Yes that’s right.
Can you see the Sun? Bright and cheerful
Can you see the rainbow? Colourful and meaningful
Can you see the grass? Green and blissful
Can you see those flowers? Beautiful and joyful
Can you see those blue sky? Blue and wonderful

There are here for you to start a new life😊
Scooby-Doo said ‘But I have no family and friends. How do I start a new life?’ ‘It will not be easy but I have faith in you that you can do it.’ One butterfly joined in and said ‘Yes, every day is a new beginning. Do not give up hope.’ Turtle suddenly vanished out of the scene.

Scooby-Doo felt shaky to be on his own. It is a lonely world. Gradually he came to accept the fact that it is what it is and I must move on but not turning back the page of the book. My family and friends would not want to see me crying everyday. I must stay strong no matter how tough it gets.

After 5 years later, Scooby-Doo has built a house and a farm for himself. He has many new friends as well. One day turtle came to visit Scooby-Doo. When she saw turtle, she has tears in her eyes. Scooby invited turtle for dinner at her house. She said to turtle ‘Thank you for your wise words and encouragement. 5 years ago, I lost everything and I have nothing. At that time, I did not know how to build a house and a farm. After 5 years later, I built a house and a farm by myself. I also have new friends such as butterflies, squirrel, bird, dog and cat. Doing everything on my own was tough in those 5 years. But in those five years, I have learnt the most life lessons and made me the strongest.

Scooby-Doo was no longer crying. She is dancing hahahahaha!

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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