Blue hair brings hope to the start of the New Year 2016

Last night I couldn’t sleep…..I therefore decided to send a group message to all my friends. It said as follows:
I dyed my hair BLUE. Wanna see😉
Like her hair colour


Immediately I received a huge response from friends all over the world. Most commented ‘they wanna see a picture of my blue hair and others said ‘they do not believe me haha’.

I dyed my hair two days ago. It took me three hours to finish the whole process. The next day everyone commented they like my new hair colour. Nevertheless I do not like it because I look like an ALIEN😣 The colour did not turn out what it showed on the package😠 It might not be a bad idea to look like an alien. I had been a lazy worm in the past few days. I really enjoyed my break so far…..sometimes it is good to do nothing at all. Tomorrow I will be meeting up with cousin and friend in the lion city. I am actually quite looking forward to this😊

2015 is nearly over. After 13 days, we will be welcoming the arrival of the New Year 2016. The lessons we have learnt in 2015 (It does not matter if it is GOOD or BAD) will help us to become an even better person in 2016😁 I am now sending you lots of best wishes for the coming up new year in 2016.

Not for long, I will be finishing my adventure in Malaysia. I will then be moving on to start a new adventure in a new country. I should be happy but somehow I feel sad. I have made a few good friends here. We had lots of laugh and joy working and hanging out together. Sadly I must go as I wanna make the rest of my dream comes true.

Life is like that. People come and go…..Sometimes people come into your life to show you who you can be, to teach you lessons, to make you smile or laugh. Most importantly, we cherish the good memories and forget about the bad ones😊

Never erase your past. It shapes who you are TODAY and will help you to be the person you’ll be TOMORROW.

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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