I am a lazyworm


Today I gonna write something fun hopefully the story will make you laugh😁
I used to write a lot of crazy and funny stories for many years. Don’t know why I stop…..I had 10 days annual leave. I cannot go backpacking in Indonesia. One week is not enough to explore one country. I therefore decided to be lazy in my lovely sweet mini-cave. I had been soOOoo lazy…..All I did is sleep and eat or eat and sleep. I don’t seem to want to do anything else. I am such a lazy worm. It would be a miracle if you can get me out of my bed unless there is food around. Otherwise I will be hibernating inside my cave for a loooooong time.

I only woke up to eat. I then walked around here and there outside my cave like a cockcroach. When I get tired wondering everywhere, I go back to my cave and sleep. I told my friend that I am so free like a cockcroach. In actual fact, I have tons of work to do but my body is on strike…..refusing to do any work at all.

It is important to listen to your body…..it tells you what it needs to feel better. When you do that, you are looking after yourself.

This is a song dedicated for you:
Hello! I am a lazy worm
I live inside a mini cave
When I work, I put my heart into it
When I do not work, I do nothing at all
I hide inside my cave
To sleep and eat or eat and sleep
I can be as lazy as I would like it to be
No one cares
As long as there is food to keep me going
I will be happy

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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