Miss Pineapple said ‘Your inner beauty is more important than look.’


Two coconut trees teased pineapple everyday. They made fun of pineapple’s appearance in terms of skin, size and height. Pineapple burst into tears. She knew that she cannot grow any taller or change her appearance. She did not like her spotty rough skin. She then looked up at those two coconut trees standing beside her. She said to herself ‘They look tall and slim with lovely leaves and cute coconuts on it. Unlike me, I am short, fat and ugly. I cannot change the way I look and I hate myself.’

On a sunny day, Mr turtle came to visit Miss pineapple. She shared with turtle how those two coconut trees made fun of her appearance. She felt really down with herself. Mr turtle comforted her. He said ‘Miss Pineapple! Inner beauty is more important than your looks. Be yourself. Create your own inner beauty through having positive attitude in life.’

A few days later a stormy thunderstorm arrived where coconut trees and pineapple lived. The coconut trees were struggled to cope with the strong wind blowing at them. Eventually they fell on the ground beside the pineapple. Miss pineapple was fine. She appeared strong as nothing could beat her off the ground. Those two coconut trees were embarrassed with themselves as they could not pick themselves up. They were now shorter than the pineapple and parts of the coconut trees have broken into pieces.

Finally the coconut trees apologised to Miss Pineapple that they were utterly wrong. Your inner strength is stronger than us. What is the point of having good looks but poor attitude in life? We are very ashamed of ourselves and we hoped that we can become good friends in the future. Miss Pineapple replied ‘Of course, we can become friends. The most important thing is we are moving forward but not looking backwards.’

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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