You are in control of your life


Chapter 2 

Polar bear is the head of the forest. He would like to build an Eskimo school. He asked hippothamus, tiger, giraffe and chimpazee to assist him with this project. There are three troublemakers in the forest: the roaster who tends to fall asleep easily anywhere, the noisy duck is No. 1 fire cracker who never stops making noises and the silent goose is the mastermind behind everything.

They were upset and annoyed that they have not been chosen to participate in this project. They felt insecure with themselves, not knowing how to deal with anger and jealousy towards others. They then decided to start a war game in the forest.

Tiger has worked very hard in the forest. She spends most of her time learning new things and does not like to get involved in politics. Roaster, noisy duck and silent goose has spread false rumours and made false accusation against tiger. Other animals started to keep a distance from tiger. Tiger felt very isolated in the forest. She felt as everyone was against her. No one believes her.

The noise level from the three troublemakers were unbearable. There was a lot of heat arguments and dramas in the forest. Tiger felt as it is necessary to leave ASAP. But polar bear advised tiger ‘You need to stay calm. You then decide what to do!’ Tiger took some time out to reflect on the things which have happened. She also took some time out to relax and do things which made her feel happy.

After having a good rest, tiger said to herself ‘I will not let anyone or anything to ruin my life. No one has power over me. I am in control of my life.’

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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