I feel like an alien everyday


Chapter 1

Tiger has moved into a new forest in Asia. This should be her ideal home but somehow she felt lost in this world. She has met her new friends such as chimpazee, hippothamus, polar bear, elephant, leopard, lion, bird, giraffe, zebra and other animals. Polar bear and hippothamus became her good friends.

Tiger did not adapt very well in her new environment. Even though they are all part of the same species. She struggled to understand them. Everyone here thinks they have the right to know everything about you from head to toe. They do not seem to understand personal space and respect. At times tiger felt as she was an alien coming from another planet.

Everyone in Malaysia uses WhatsApp but in UK most people prefer to use Messenger on FB. Tiger refused to use WhatsApp but hippothamus said ‘You are now in Malaysia not in UK. You must adapt to survive in a new environment. This is called ‘Natural Selection‘.

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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