Life is like a movie and the final ending is a mystery


When life gets busy, we don’t have time to reflect on the things we have in our lives
Every time I came home
I feel as I am watching a very sad movie
My emotion was stirred by things that have happened to people’s lives
Good or bad – some stories are indeed very sad

When I arrived at the airport, I saw my parents getting older
The last time I saw them was more than a year ago
I wonder how many times I get the chance to see them alive
If I choose to live so far away from my family
I had been asking myself the same question many times
But in the end I decided to leave

My mum handed me over a pile of old photos two weeks ago
It was quite fun looking at those photos
We looked so cute and adorable when we were young
My parents looked so young, refreshing and good-looking
Now when I looked at them
Sadly they are getting older
but could tell they had been through a lot in life
I am very proud of my parents to have achieved their dreams and goals
through hard work and integrity
That is ‘One drop of sweat and one grain of rice.’
There is a Chinese saying ‘One drop of sweat and one grain of rice’

As for me, I have found a purpose in my life
I know exactly what I was born to do
I am working towards my dreams and goals
I hope my parents will get the chance to see everything happening

The final ending is a mystery…..

Thought of the day: Life is like a movie. You are the director of your own movie. You write your own endingšŸ˜

Written by:
Lilian Yong



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