Make peace with your heart


One day the dragon got very sick. It got to the point that she could not move any longer. She asked tiger, ‘ What shall I do? I have so much work to do and I cannot stop.’ Tiger replied ‘Listen to your heart. You cannot have everything in life.’ Tiger vanished out of the scene.

The dragon thought about what tiger said. She said to herself ‘ I have everything. I have the power, status, hierarchy but so what?! I had been sick for so long and I am not getting any better. I do not have any real friends apart from tiger.’

At this point, she started to have severe pain again. She then decided to leave everything behind and move to a new place. The dragon has found a new home. It was a new place surrounded by beautiful mountains, flowers, trees and skies. She has new friends such as the birds, butterflies and squirrels. No cobra, leopard, snake, wolf and crocodile to deal with; no war; no fight. All she ever wanted is peace.

After a few months later, the tiger came to visit dragon. Tiger commented ‘ You looked much healthier and happier now. So what has changed?’ Dragon replied ‘All I ever wish for is peace. Thanks, tiger! You did not say much to me a few month ago but I understood your message.’ ‘I didn’t do anything. You found the answer yourself. Take care and goodbye😊’ replied tiger.

Question: If you cannot find peace in your heart, how can you forgive someone who has hurted your feelings or made you feel angry?

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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