Choice or decision


Every choice or decision you make will determine your life path.
At times it is difficult to make a choice or decision, isn’t it? Thoughts come into your mind – is this the right decision? Not sure what the outcome would be? What if I make the wrong choice? Indecisive? Perhaps it is best if I do not make any choice or decision.

If you make the right choice, that is great! Nevertheless if you make the wrong one, learn from your experience and move on. Everyone makes mistakes. It is through making mistakes that you learn new things or develop new skill and grow into a better person.

We are human. We can only do our best to survive each day. If we have done our very best, that is all you can do. After all, life is too short. Learn to relax and enjoy your life as well. Remember to smile and laugh often😊

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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