When I was a kid, I can…..


(In Malay – rotan means bamboo stick, masak means cooking game and longkang means dirty drain.)

When I was a kid, I can JUMP as high as I can; PLAY as long as I want; EAT as much as I want and SLEEP as long as I want
No one cares

I remembered when I was a kid, I played so much that I forgot to check the time
My parents were looking for me everyday
It got so bad that my parents decided to set a time limit for my playtime
Otherwise they feed me with delicious rotan

I hanged out with one girl and five boys
We love sports
We used to get up at 5 am in the morning
Cycling to the beach
After that we went to hunt for food and ate as much as we could
We then went back to sleep until our parents screamed at us through the tiny window

In the afternoon we explored the jungle behind the mountain
We tried nectar from various flowers
We picked ripen pineapples, coconuts, papayas on the ground and mangos on the tree
We ate as many fruits as we can until we could not move any longer

In the evening we caught tiny fish in the longkang
We used long kang fish, grass, plants and soil to play masak game
Grass and plants as vegetables
Soil as rice

By 5 pm, we usually got a phone call from our parents
Reminding us it is home time
If we were lucky, our parents would let us stayed overnight at one of our friend’s secret room on the roof building
No worries

Sadly happy time does not last forever. All these happy times can only stay with us as memories.

If I have a choice, I would choose to be a kid again😁
How about you?

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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