Pizza war


I felt so bad today. I believe I have upset my Yr 4 little soldiers unintentionally. I organised a farewell party for them. One boy did not inform me what food he will be bringing in?! A teacher came to my classroom with five boxes of pizzas. He said ‘These are from the principal for everyone.’ I was confused. I did not understand why he bought pizzas for everyone. For what reasons? I said ‘ If the pizzas are for everyone, we should have them somewhere else rather than in my classroom.

The teacher then asked the principal ‘where shall we have the pizzas?’ Two of my boys looked very upset and angry but they did not tell me why?! When the pizzas were brought into the canteen, one of my boy started crying. I asked him why was he crying?! He refused to say anything. I took him back into my classroom. He said ‘Those pizzas are from my parents. There are for our own parties not for the whole school.

He commented ‘Teacher, it is not your fault. It was the other teacher who said pizzas were from the principal. Everyone in school ate my parents’ pizzas. He started crying again. I asked ‘ Is there anything I can do for you?’ The others joined in and said angrily ‘ we want them to throw up the pizzas. Those pizzas are not for them. I have never seen them so angry. They insisted wanting to speak to the principal.

They went downstairs to look for the principal. I followed after them. I saw them asking the principal ‘Can they see him? They demanded to see him now. The principal was looking at me. I commented ‘Nothing to do with me. I cannot deal with them.’

My Yr 4 little soldiers were so funny and hilarious. They stormed into the meeting room with the principal. It was so entertaining to see five 10 yrs old kids sitting around the meeting table and made their points clear one by one as they were adults. I escaped the scene by staying outside with the administrator team. The administrator team were curious and asked ‘ Why those little ones wanted to see the principal. I commented ‘Don’t be nosy.’

After they had a meeting with him, they all calmed down. The principal and other staff members found it very entertaining that I sent five primary 4 kids to have a meeting with the principal. After school the principal smiled at me and asked ‘Lilian! Why did you send them to me?’ I replied ‘It was a pizza war. They won’t stop so I sent them to you. Otherwise they gonna continue to have a war😞’

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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