Focus on other things

I went to visit my good friend who is in the labour suite room. My friend told me she was in pain since last night and she was still in pain due to contraction of the baby inside her tummy. I looked at the number on the machine. The nurse told me the numbers indicate the value of contraction and pain. The nurses and myself were amazed to see my friend does not show any sign that she was in pain. A lot of pregnant women would have screaming and shouting if they suffer that level of pain.

I asked my friend ‘how did you do that?’ She replied ‘I focused on other things rather than focusing on the pain. I can’t believe she was giggling and laughing watching TV program. I thought about what she said and remembered what my karate instructor taught me. They were so right.

At this stage of your life, ‘Are you in pain? Has your heart been broken? Are you going through difficult phase of your life? It might help you to forget the pain, the hurt, the difficult times through diverting your focus on other things particularly something that makes you feel happy and relax. It is easier saying than done. It certainly helps me to overcome difficult times.

Written by:
Lilian Yong


3 thoughts on “Focus on other things

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  2. Beautiful! I’ve written a few attempts about love and break ups myself. I hope you read them and give me advice. I hope to be better in writing 🙂

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    Thank you for your comment😊 Your writing is very good. Writing is a way to express ourselves. When I write, I feel every word comes from my heart.
    When you put your heart into your work, people can feel it.
    I will read more of your articles later. Will share with you my thoughts.


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