Designing my own clothes

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It was a dream to be able to design my own clothes one day. I taught myself how to draw fashion sketches online. After that I did 8 weeks fashion drawing course at Citylit in London. It was an amazing experience of my life. My tutor is an Italian. I can draw but I lost in direction to find my own style of drawing. I set myself a goal that by the end of 8 weeks, I will be able to draw fashion sketches freely and develop my own style of drawing. On our last day of presentation, we have to share our work with others. I had tears in my eyes when I finally witnessed my own style of fashion sketches.

While I was backpacking in Vietnam, I visited Hoi An. I had all the design idea in my head but struggled to explain these to the tailors at the shop. It was something I would like to do for a long long time. Most of my clothes turned out well but the quality of material was not great whereas a couple of pieces were a disaster. The tailors did not follow my instructions accordingly.

I would like to design more clothes but I think it would be better if I can make my own clothes. I can do what I want and I understand my own design ideas.

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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