Kahn Piak Sen

Luang Prabang most popular noodles soup Khan Piak Sen


I was on my bike…..searching for interesting Laos breakfast. I passed by a sidewalk food stall
full of local people eating this noodles soup, Khan Piak Sen. I am sure it is Khan Piak Sen. If not, please
forgive me. I couldn’t speak Lao and struggled to order food. A local who can speak English told me ‘ it is one of the most popular noodles soup in Luang Prabang. You cannot find it anywhere else.’

When a bowl of Khan Piak Sen was put on my table, I didn’t like the look of it. There were livers and some animal parts in it. Khao Piak Sen comes in two main styles of broth. A pork or chicken broth. It’s served with a sticky white noodle that comes in regular or thick size. I ate the noodles and vegetables but leave the rest untouched. It is definitely not my cup of tea. Nevertheless I thought it would be a good thing to introduce this popular Laos noodle dish on my blog😊


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