What is a ‘watching machine’?

Since I started my adventure in Thailand, I didn’t get much sleep each day. Everyday I only had 3 to 4 hours sleep. Why would you go to sleep when there is so much fun stuff to do around you?

I was feeling physically drained down after 3 days of trekking in the jungle. Anyway it was an excuse of the drama I have caused at Eco Resort in Chiang Mai. I went to do one week washing in the laundry room. I saw two different labels on two separate machines – one labelled as ‘temperature machine’ and the other labelled as ‘watching machine.’ I looked at the label ‘watching machine’. I asked myself ‘What the heck is that?’

I then transferred all my trash including washing powder and softener into the temperature machine. After 2 mins, the machine made funny noise. I screamed and realised I have made a mistake. It was a drier not a washing machine. I quickly reported to someone at the reception but she said ‘I have to pay to use the machine again.’ I was very annoyed. The staff members at the resort found this matter quite entertaining and amusing 😁!

Written by:
Lilian Yong



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