Homemade crispy roasted pork

Look at this design card. This is how I built good quality time with my family😊


My mum always asked ‘What are you cooking today?’ When I told her I successfully cooked cripsy roasted pork, she was half suspicious. I said ‘I did. I learnt it from you tube. Next time when I visit Melbourne, I will cook one for you otherwise my sir name is not YONG.

One day my mum saw my crispy roasted pork photos on Facebook. She commented ‘Your dad said it looked so good. Must be delicious.’ I replied ‘Of course, it was all gone within half an hour. My adopted sister was so proud of me. My mum once said to me ‘If you are hungry, learn how to cook. There is no such thing as impossible. The only reason people say they can’t cook is because they are lazy.’ People we’re very surprised why me and both of my brothers are such good cooks at young age. As you could see our parents taught us well.

It took me 6 hours to prepare this crispy roasted pork for my family in Melbourne. My dad asked me ‘What is the secret of success in cooking?’ I replied ‘It all starts from your heart. If you put your heart into everything you do, the outcome would be positive.’ My dad was stunned to hear what I said. He paused for a few seconds then said ‘Good answer. I am sure the crispy roasted pork would taste very good.’


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