10 days Canyon Adventure


We started our adventure very early in the morning
When we were on our way to Zion National Park
Something caught my eyes
I discovered a mountain with two eyes, one nose and one mouth
And the other mountain with two eyes, one nose and no mouth
They looked so cOOL, my team mates thought I was going MAD

As we were on our rafting adventure along Colorado river
I saw more animal creatures on the mountains
There were lots of crocodiles and varieties of fish shapes
They were amazingly beautiful

After the rafting adventure, we stayed overnight at monument valley
I discovered whales, horses and dogs shape of rocks and mountains
According to the Native American , they were created by mother nature
In scientific term, we referred this process as weathering

As we were hiking along the Devil Garden,
I discovered so many elephants, monsters shape of rocks and mountains
I am sure I have seen this place in one of the Hollywood movie
It was such a cOOL place

When we visited Maob, I was stunned to see so many aliens shape of rocks everywhere
We were searching for a cave
To our huge disappointment, we did not find any cave
Nevertheless we were happy to explore this place
It would be such a cool experience if we come here at night time

On our last day of Canyon adventure, we did a helicopter tour via Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon was such a huge place
When I looked down through the helicopter, I saw two hippothermus on a mountain
They looked so cOOL!

Written by:
Lilian Yong


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